In Loving Memory of Aunt Gloria


Recently, I lost more than an aunt, for my Aunt Gloria meant so much more to me than that.  This photo of us seated together was taken about ten years ago in front of her cabin near Antelope Lake where our families shared so many memories.   My aunt welcomed me to stay with her at the family ranch at a time just before I became a teenager when my family was struggling to stay together.  She rooted me in my Father's extended family making up for his absence. By educating me about our family ancestry, she gave me a sense of belonging and identity. Her great grandfather, my great great grandfather, Benjamin Leavitt had settled in Susanville in the early 1800s.  Our family were pioneers.

It was the second summer that I recall the most reverence.   Aunt Gloria and I made curtains for the cabin and school cloths for me.  Mom had moved us from Nevada to California.  It was so special to have new school cloths to wear to the new school there.    I helped out in the hay field, baked cakes, attended board of supervisor where my uncle served for Lassen County and listened to family stories.  The love and wisdom she shared with me during those summers have remained with me throughout my life.  

Aunt Gloria, was a "Cowbell", a long time member of the Lassen County Cattlewomen Association.   In honor of my aunt and her love of this organization, I've created an opportunity for people to contribute to the Lassen County Cattlewomen in lieu of flowers.  

The contributions will be aggregated through the nonprofit Feel The Joy - EIN 85-3143365 up to the end of August.  In early September, a check will be written out and sent to the Lassen County Cattlewomen Association.  100% of the contributions will go directly to the Lassen County Cattlewomen Association.  

Susan Cannon, Gloria Farris's neice 
Pete Cannon's (Gloria's brother's) daughter.


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