For Freedom’s Sake

In a few weeks, our country will celebrate our country’s hard won victory for liberty from English tyranny. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit the Liberty Bell with my sister.  This humble bell is a symbol of freedom for our country in addition to minority groups and people from other nations throughout the world.   As we celebrate our freedom on the 4th of July, a battle for another type of freedom is being fought, the battle for freedom from human trafficking.   This July 4th weekend, the movie “Sound of Freedom” is being released to raise the awareness regarding the severity of the problem of human trafficking.  It’s difficult not to watch this trailer and wonder what can be done to address this massive problem.  One simple way to fight this problem is to support the Freedom Challenge.

A few days later after the “Sound of Freedom” movie is released,  the Tahoe Freedom Challenge will be taking place in Tahoe to raise funds for the Freedom Challenge’s efforts to fight human trafficking.   I have had the privilege of hiking alongside women training for the Tahoe Freedom Challenge these past months and am blown away by how committed they are to ending the problem of human trafficking.

I won’t be able to hike this event myself, however in support of the Sierra Sister’s Freedom Challenge’s team efforts, my husband and I have donated this red, white and blue quilt.  The quilt’s colors are a reflection of the colors in the American flag, symbolizing freedom.   This “Blackbird Crossing” quilt is a twin size quilt, hand appliquéd and machine quilted with a star pattern. 

To win this lovely quilt, decide how many virtual tickets you’d like, multiple the number of tickets you’d like by $2 and donate that amount to the Sierra Sister’s Tahoe Freedom Challenge team fundraising page. Leave this comment “Quilt Entries” in the comment area when you make your online donation and wait to be assigned ticket numbers for your donation in the comments.   Each virtual ticket represents a chance or opportunity to win the quilt.   You will be emailed a tax deductible receipt from Operation Mobilization.  The winner of the quilt will be posted in the comments of the fundraiser.  Operation Mobilization is the nonprofit fiscal sponsor for the Freedom Challenge.  

The winner will receive an email notification.  Winners in Reno, Nevada can pickup the quilt locally.  Winners who win the quilt outside of the Reno, Nevada area will need to pay for USPS shipping of the quilt and send a separate payment for shipping. 

My husband and I bought the quilt at the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association quilt auction a few years ago.  It was designed by Susan McDermott, hand pieced and appliquéd by Barbara Wooldridge and machine quilted by Linda Barbin.


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